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Blackstone introduces its first-ever supplement specifically for women

blackstone labs harmonize

The typically hardcore supplement company Blackstone Labs, has launched its first-ever product formulated for women with the pink branded Harmonize. It is a comprehensive health and wellness supplement to provide the brand’s female fans benefits and support in a variety of areas specifically for women.

Blackstone Labs’ Harmonize is a non-transparent product powered by a 2.9g blend made up of ingredients to balance hormone levels, promote healthy skin, enhance mood, and support weight loss. The supplement’s formula includes the likes of mucuna pruriens (l-dopa), turmeric, maca, DHEA, and beta-phenylethylamine.

You can grab Blackstone Labs’ first-ever women’s product starting this month from its online store at the relatively high price of $54.99 for a full-size, 120 capsule bottle. That amount of capsules is enough to provide you the usual 30 servings, so the $55 price tag is enough to get you an entire month’s worth of Harmonize.