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Bombbar tweaks its manufacturing and drastically improves the Chikabar


The Chikabar is one of Bombbar’s earlier products from its spin-off functional food brand Chikalab. It’s concept is somewhat similar to the more recent Chikapie with a traditional bar format packed with a creamy center. We actually got a sample of the Chikabar not that long ago, and while we had high hopes, it did not deliver.

The Chikabar we tried from Bombbar’s Chikalab was extremely dense, making it an effort just to sink your teeth into. The creamy filling definitely looked delicious in pictures, however that didn’t seem to translate to the real thing.

In the last two months of the year, Bombbar has updated its Chikabar to create a much more enjoyable experience. The brand has not changed anything regarding its nutrition profile or ingredients, only the process used to make the bar. While that may not sound like a big deal, we can confirm the difference is night and day.

Whatever Bombbar changed in the making of the Chikabar has drastically improved the product. We picked up a sample of the snack at this year’s Dubai Muscle Show and it delivers in the way we hoped the original would. It is significantly smoother and packs a softness that allows to enjoy the creamy, flavor-filled center.

You can pick up the new and certainly improved Chikabar from Bombbar’s European and Russian online stores. The product comes in all of the same flavors as before in Tiramisu with a white chocolate filling, Coconut with chocolate, and Peanut Butter with a salty caramel filling.

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