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Bulk powders jams 10g of EAAs in its new energy infused amino formula

bulk powders complete eaa energy

The UK supplement company Bulk Powders has an all-new amino formula for fans this month, introducing Complete EAA Energy. The name kind of gives away everything about the product as it is indeed an amino supplement featuring all-nine essential amino acids infused with an ingredient for energy.

Bulk Powders has packed a relatively heavy amount of EAAs in its newest amino product, including a combined 10g of EAAs, with just over 6g of that being BCAAs. The brand has also thrown in 5g of glutamine for a total of 15g of aminos per serving, and to provide a nice boost in energy, you get 100mg of caffeine.

You can purchase Complete EAA Energy starting this month from the Bulk Powders website in three flavors with Tropical, Cherry Cola, and an intriguing Energy Drink. Each of those options is available in three sizes with a 5 serving bag at £8.99, a 25 serving at £34.99, and a 50 serving at £59.99.

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