Bang Energy reveals and releases its all-new Candy Apple Crisp flavor

Dec 13th, 2019
candy apple crisp bang energy

The long-awaited and well-hyped, all-new flavor of the popular Bang Energy drink has been revealed today, and it is pretty much what we initially guessed. Since VPX Sports first teased its holiday-themed flavor, based on the colors and inspiration, we suspected it to be a Candy Apple Bang Energy.

It turns out we were just one word shy of being 100% correct on the newest addition to the performance beverage’s menu. Now available from VPX Sports is a Candy Apple Crisp Bang Energy drink, featuring the product’s usual mix of 300mg of caffeine, Super Creatine, coQ10, and zero sugar and calories.

You can grab the new flavor today from Bang Energy’s official online store in cases of 12 cans at a price of $31.99, which works out to $2.66 per can. The holiday-themed flavor is also available for VPX Sports’ all-natural version of Bang Energy that has slightly less caffeine and costs the same price per case.

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