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Condemned is coming out with a second fat burner that’s stimulant free

condemned labz thyrogenic

The hardcore supplement company Condemned Labz, currently competes in a number of popular categories, including pre-workout, amino, and GDA. It is has a product for the competitive weight loss market with Arsyn; however, very soon the brand is going to have a second supplement in that same space.

On the way from Condemned Labz is an all-new fat burning formula named Thyrogenic. To separate it from Arsyn, the product is going to be completely stimulant-free, although it won’t be short on benefits. The brand has packed it full of ingredients for thermogenesis, focus and cognition, thyroid function, and overall weight loss.

Also, like most supplement companies that have two fat burners available, Condemned Labz Arsyn and Thryogenic can be used together for even better weight loss results. We’re not sure exactly when the supplement is going to launch, with the brand merely saying it will be available for purchase soon.