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Darkside’s Ultra Pre is also getting a new flavor in the very near future

new flavor of darkside ultra pre

It was recently announced the up and coming brand Darkside is getting ready to release new flavors for its stimulant fueled weight loss formula Ultra Stim Burner. The brand has not yet confirmed the names of any of the flavors, but has said there will be three in total, and they’ll all be exclusive to Australia.

Darkside has now followed up that announcement with confirmation that Ultra Stim Burner is not its only supplement getting a new flavor. The brand’s well-formulated stimulant pre-workout Ultra Pre is also getting another option added to its menu shortly, and this one is not going to be country exclusive.

Much like Ultra Stim Burner, Darkside has not named the Ultra Pre flavor, only revealing half of its tub, which features a pink color theme. Our guess is some sort of cherry or watermelon recipe, although we’re not going to be left wondering for long, as mentioned, the brand does plans on dropping the product soon.