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Peanut Butter meets Oreos in one of Dough Bar’s latest Monkey Bread flavors

dough bar peanut butter oreo protein monkey bread

This week The Dough Bar’s intriguing new snack, Protein Monkey Bread, has been released in two new flavors, although it still carries its prototype status. It was actually just two and a half weeks ago the brand dropped new Monkey Bread flavors for Black Friday with Birthday Cake and Chocolate Pretzel.

The Dough Bar has kept with the fun and tasty theme of its last two Monkey Bread flavors this week and put together another pair of truly creative, mouthwatering treats. The new addition’s to the brand’s pull-a-part protein snack are Mixed Berry Streusel and the tasty-looking Peanut Butter Oreo.

You can order either or both of The Dough Bar’s Mixed Berry Streusel and Peanut Butter Oreo Protein Monkey Breads through its website. A box of four will cost you $15.99, or if you want to give both flavors a try, there is a box with four of each flavor for $29.99, and you’ll want to be quick as there are limited numbers.

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