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Finaflex releases its newest fat burner PX Elite at two for the price of one

finaflex px elite

PX Elite is the latest entry in Finaflex’s long-running line of PX named weight loss supplements. The new product is very similar to previous PX releases, bringing together a combination of ingredients for intense energy to power through workouts, enhanced thermogenesis, and weight management support.

Finaflex has launched PX Elite through its website this week and with an extremely strong sale where you get two bottles of the fat burner for the price of one. The regular cost on the supplement directly from the brand is $35.95, so during PX Elite’s introductory deal, it’s only going to cost you $18 per bottle.

finaflex px elite

The formula behind Finaflex’s all-new PX Elite does, of course, contain a good amount of stimulants, hence the promise of increased energy. All of the ingredients in the product are actually wrapped up in non-transparent, proprietary blends, so we don’t know their exact dosages, except for the caffeine, which is 200mg per serving.

There are two blends that make up each single-capsule serving of PX Elite, with the lighter one being a 217mg combination of CLA, GBBGO, and Dynamine. The other second blend tips the scales at 433mg and is led by that 200mg of caffeine, theobroma, yohimbine, TeaCrine, and alpha yohimbine.