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Get some free creatine with Raze Energy’s already free variety pack

free creatine with raze energy

The team behind the popular and great-tasting zero-calorie Raze Energy, has put together a deal for anyone that wants creatine with their energy drink like Bang Energy. The brand’s promotion starts with a list of reasons as to why it hasn’t put creatine in Raze Energy, and ultimately says it’s best to take a separate creatine product.

The deal from Raze Energy is relatively straightforward; pay shipping for a free, four-can variety pack of the brand’s tasty energy drink, and get a free bottle of Creatine HCl as well as a $10 gift card. The variety pack comes with some of the beverage’s best flavors, including Phantom Freeze, Sour Gummy Worms, and the Starburst like Galaxy Burst.

To take advantage of the extremely limited-time promotion, where as mentioned, you just pay the shipping on the variety pack, visit this link here. When we went all the way through to checkout, the deal only cost us $8.95 all up, which is not too bad considering everything you get with the drinks, creatine, and $10 gift card.