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Ghost shares an update on its promising focus formula Ghost Gamer

ghost gamer

Ghost Gamer was first talked about earlier this year by Ghost itself, confirming that it is indeed working a supplement geared towards gamers. The product is also going to be the original lifestyle brand’s entry into the growing nootropic market, so essentially a formula for anyone that needs improved mental performance, not just gamers.

Almost an entire year after that first mention of Ghost Gamer, Ghost has shared a bit of an update on the supplement as it is still in the works. Firstly, the brand has said that the product will feature a comprehensive formula for all-day focus benefits, although we expect nothing less from a company that already leads the pack in a couple of major categories.

Ghost has also confirmed two of the main ingredients in Ghost Gamer, both of which are premium, branded ingredients with NooLVL and Cognizin citicoline. While we don’t know the dosage the brand plans on using for NooLVL, it has shared the amount it’s going with for Cognizin at a hefty half a gram per serving.

To round out its update, Ghost has revealed two flavors it’s currently working on for Ghost Gamer, and they are both authentic collaborations that are already available for other Ghost supplements. The options are a Swedish Fish Ghost Gamer, and Sour Patch Kids Redberry Ghost Gamer, and are both said to be quite tasty experiences.

It’ll definitely be exciting to see how Ghost Gamer turns out as the original lifestyle brand has become very reliable in regards to the effectiveness of its products.