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Glaxon unveils details on its multi-purpose amino supplement Xeno

glaxon xeno

The well-marketed and exciting newcomer Glaxon, has completely unveiled another one of its upcoming supplements, following last week’s launch of its stimulant pre-workout Specimen. Xeno is the next product from the brand featuring a full-spectrum EAA formula that’s also available with added caffeine for energy.

As we’ve come to expect from the team over at Glaxon, Xeno isn’t really a typical competitor for its category. It is indeed an amino supplement; however, aminos are not all the brand has thrown into this one. Xeno is quite a complex product combining all nine essential amino acids for recovery with a few other ingredients for joint support and hydration.

Xeno formula

On the amino side, each full-serving of Glaxon’s Xeno comes with a 7g non-transparent blend of BCAAs, the other six EAAs, and a few other aminos such as glutamine, alanine, and tyrosine. Also in the mix are electrolytes for hydration, 2g of hydrolyzed collagen, 90mg of hyaluronic acid, a gram of taurine, and AstraGin for improved absorption.

glaxon xeno

As mentioned, there is an energy-infused version of Xeno, which Glaxon has appropriately named Xeno Energy. It comes with all of the same ingredients and dosages as the regular Xeno plus 100mg of caffeine to provide a reasonable boost of energy.

Flavors and size

Glaxon plans on dropping Xeno as well as Xeno Energy very soon with 21 full servings per tub in two regular flavors as well as one special edition flavor. The two ongoing options for the amino supplement are Peach Godis and Sour Berries, with Xeno’s limited-edition flavor creation being the fitting and holiday-appropriate Holiday Pie.