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Joint and recovery formula Surtur’s End joins the Gods Rage family

gods rage surturs end

Surtur’s End is the newest release from the German brand Gods Rage for its growing Viking Storm Series of supplements. Surtur’s End is, first and foremost, a joint support product bringing together a relatively short and sweet combination of ingredients. Its three-piece formula also promises to help with muscle soreness and recovery.

Each serving of the latest from Gods Rage comes with 200mg of Chinese goldthread providing 100mg of berberine, and 650mg of bromelain. The third and final feature in Surtur’s End is turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids. All of the ingredients come wrapped up in a two-capsule serving, which the brand suggests you take once a day.

Surtur’s End is now available for purchase from the major Gods Rage retailer, Gigas Nutrition. Not too surprising considering it’s a fairly essential style supplement, Surtur’s End doesn’t cost you all that much. Gigas Nutrition has the product in stock at €16.90 (18.73 USD) for a full-size bottle, with the usual 30 day’s worth of servings.