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Got7 puts together a protein infused and chocolate coated almond snack

got7 nutrition chocolate protein almonds

One of our favorite functional food brands Got7 Nutrition, has added another, undoubtedly tasty snack to its already extensive line of treats. Now available from the German company is Chocolate Protein Almonds, similar to Optimum Nutrition’s closely named and delicious product, Protein Almonds.

Got7 Nutrition’s Chocolate Protein Almonds come in an 85g jar, and are exactly what they’re titled; almonds coated in chocolate and infused with extra protein. An entire pot of the product provides 17.8g of protein, 37.4g of fat, just 22.9g of carbohydrates with just under 4g of that sugar, and a total of 478 calories.

The main ingredients used to make Got7 Nutrition’s newest protein treat are cacao butter, the sweetener maltitol, concentrated butter, and whey to give it that high protein. You can pick up the brand’s Chocolate Protein Almonds now from its online store in the one chocolate flavor for just €2.96 (3.28 USD) per pot.