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Newest Insane Labz teaser hints at a Psychotic-named fat burner

insane labz psychotic capsules

Insane Labz continues to tease its upcoming capsule supplement, that we still aren’t sure what it is. The brand has dropped yet another teaser, and like the last one, it features a mostly blacked out bottle. The difference this time around is it does reveal a bit more information with a few words from its title and type.

While we still can’t see a whole lot for the newest Insane Labz supplement, it looks like there are two words to its name, the first of which appears to be “Psychotic”. Fans of the brand will know right away, that is the name of its popular pre-workout, although another detail we can see is the words “weight loss”.

When you combine both of those clues together, it suggests we’re in for some kind of fat burner, that like most in the competitive category, contains stimulants. No doubt, more information on the mystery product will be along soon, especially since Insane Labz has kept its teasers fairly close together.