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Legendary Labs unveils a stim-free entry for the weight loss category

legendary labs inferno

An all-new weight loss supplement is on the way from the team at Legendary Labs, which will be different from Virtue, its current competitor in the busy category. The brand’s upcoming product is Inferno, a stimulant-free formula featuring a fully transparent mix of ingredients, including a heavy dose of carnitine.

Legendary Labs Inferno is formulated to provide natural thyroid support, boost metabolism, and what the brand promises to be a potent thermogenic effect. As mentioned, Legendary Labs’ second entry into the world of fat loss contains no stimulants, unlike Virtue, which has the likes of caffeine and DMHA.

Making up Legendary Labs’ Inferno formula is 25mg each of Paradoxine grains of paradise and ProGBB, another two branded ingredients in Cocobuterol and Capsimax at 50mg and 75mg, and 100mcg of 3 5-diiodo-l-thyronine. You also get a gram each of two forms of carntine in carnitine tartrate and acetyl-l-carnitine.

legendary labs inferno

Inferno is now available to pre-order for shipping next week through the Legendary Labs’ website in two ways. You can secure yourself a tub of the fat burner at $34.99, or in a stack with the brand’s pump pre-workout Vulcan Pump for $73.49. Both of those prices are discounted extra heavily for the brand’s 30% off Black Friday sale.

For those wondering about how many servings you get per tub of Legendary Labs Inferno, it comes with 40, which will last you as little as 20 days on its maximum amount of twice per day. Inferno is also a flavored supplement with two tastes available in Mango Tango and Raspberry Ice.