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LightWhey debuts a show-stealing, high-protein ice cream sandwich

lightwhey protein ice cream sandwich

LightWhey is a unique functional food company exhibiting at this year’s Dubai Muscle Show, and it is a brand well worth paying attention to. LightWhey is based here in Dubai, and it makes genuinely delicious and of course, healthy, frozen desserts, including pots of ice cream as well as chocolate-coated ice cream on a stick.

The pots of ice cream from LightWhey are on par with your typical protein bar macro wise, packing 22.5g of protein with 15 to 17g of carbohydrates, just 3g of sugar, 6 to 10g of fat, and 195 to 235 calories. The brand’s ice cream sticks are not as lean, but are even more delicious thanks to that added chocolate and provide 12g of protein, 16g of carbs, 13.8g of fat, and 236 calories.

As amazing as those ice cream sticks and tubs are, LightWhey has brought something else to the Dubai Muscle Show that really steals the show. The healthy frozen dessert company has debuted its high-protein, ice cream sandwich at the major fitness expo, and just like the rest of its lineup, it is as good as it looks.

lightwhey protein ice cream sandwich

LightWhey’s protein ice cream sandwich features a thick layer of ice cream that has the same creaminess as regular ice cream with a subtle but sweet vanilla taste. On either side of that ice cream are malt-flavored biscuits that seamlessly sink into the ice cream as you bite in, with everything rolling together to create a high-protein treat that feels like sugar-loaded ice cream.

While the taste and texture of the latest LightWhey creation are on point, the product is equally impressive in its nutrition profile. Each sandwich packs 10g of protein with 19g of carbohydrates, 7g of sugar, 3.8g of fat, and 144 calories. The ice cream is where all of the protein comes from, which is primarily made of whey and milk.

Out of all the protein ice creams we’ve tried, LightWhey’s ranks among the best, with the new sandwich format really pushing the experience even further. We only hope the brand expands on the release with more flavors and options like its ice cream tubs and sticks, as there is plenty of potential for some creative combinations in the ice cream and biscuits.