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LivAmazon keeps things simple for its snack with as little as 3 ingredients

livamazon proteina natural

The Dubai Muscle Show is filled with plenty of supplement and snack companies that we haven’t seen before, one of which is LivAmazon. It is a recently released Brazilian brand that makes the one protein bar at the moment that’s along the same lines as the RXBar, although it has some unique features of its own.

The protein snack from LivAmazon called Proteina Natural, is actually made with as little as three ingredients, some of which are sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. The product contains only food ingredients, with nothing else thrown in to give it any flavor outside of what comes from those ingredients.

livamazon proteina natural

LivAmazon’s Proteina Natural comes in four variants, each of which has its own individual nutrition profile and set of ingredients. The snack’s protein count is a reasonable 10g per bar in all options except for the Banana flavor where it’s 12g, with the total number of calories being in and around the 150 mark.

To give you an idea on the ingredients in the protein bar, the Cacau flavor of LivAmazon’s Proteina Natural is made with six. Its list of features includes banana, hazelnut, as per its title cocoa, dates, Brazil nuts, and to give it that high amount of protein, eggs.

As for the taste of the LivAmazon Proteina Natural, it’s not all that bad considering how simple it is. It’s along the same lines as the RXBar but slightly softer, smoother, and overall, easier to eat. You still need to do a bit of extra chewing to get it down, but the wholesome flavors that come with it do make it a bearable process.