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‘Merica Labz reveals all for its whole-food based mass gainer Super Sized

merica labz super sized

Super Sized is an upcoming mass gainer from the always exciting and most ‘Merican supplement company on the market, ‘Merica Labz. The product was first mentioned a few months in August, where it was confirmed its would have a whole-food-based formula and come in promising “over-the-top” flavors.

‘Merica Labz has now revealed that Super Sized is launching on Monday the 13th of January through its online store at It is going to be available in an 11 serving tub size for $44.99 with two inclusion loaded flavors to choose from in Fluffy Chubby Nutz featuring real marshmallows, and Fruity Rebels with actual pieces of fruity cereal.

merica labz super sized

Being that ‘Merica Labz Super Sized is a mass gainer, the macros and ingredients are extremely important, and as per usual, the brand does not disappoint. Each of the supplement’s hefty three-scoop servings provides 43 to 46g of protein (fruity/fluffy) depending on the flavor, 118/122g of carbohydrates with 31/35g of sugar, 16/17g of fat, and 780/820 calories.

As promised, Super Sized is made with whole-food ingredients including undenatured whey concentrate and whole milk powder as its primary sources of protein. On the carbohydrate side, there is oat flour and organic cane sugar with no maltodextrin like most gainers, alongside the enzyme blend DigeSEB to aid in the digestion of the calorie-dense product.