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Muscle Core drops its new beverages at the Dubai Muscle Show as promised

muscle core amino boost

Just as it promised late last week, Muscle Core Nutrition has launched its all-new beverages at the Dubai Muscle Show with Protein Water and Amino Boost. Both products are available at the packed-out event with a buy one get one free deal, which is great value as it drops the Protein Water to $1.90 USD each, and Amino Boost to $1.77.

Protein Water

Muscle Core Nutrition’s Protein Water is an extremely lean protein drink packing 30g of protein per bottle with no carbs or fat, and a low total of just 120 calories. The product comes in three flavors, including Tropical, Strawberry & Pomegranate, and Blackcurrant.

We grabbed Muscle Core’s Tropical and Strawberry Protein Water and weren’t too disappointed. The protein drink packs a crisp and refreshing fruity flavor, although it does have a bitter aftertaste. Of the two Protein Waters we grabbed, the Strawberry & Pomegranate does a better job at masking that unfortunate bitterness, although it is still noticeable.

muscle core protein water

Amino Boost

As for Muscle Core Nutrition’s Amino Boost, that is an amino-based drink infused with a bit of caffeine for an anytime energy boost. The brand actually transparently lists all of the aminos in the supplement with 2g of BCAAs, a gram of glutamine, half a gram each of beta-alanine and taurine, 750mg of arginine, and 200mg or less a few others.

Caffeine, as mentioned, is also included in Muscle Core’s Amino Boost, and at a reasonable dose of 100mg per bottle. The taste on this one is much better than that of Protein Water, with no disappointing aftertaste. Of its three flavors, we prefer the Blueberry Lemonade, although they’re all relatively easy to throw back and enjoy.