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Something exciting and worth hyping is coming soon from My Protein Bites

my protein bites new product for 2020

In a little less than two weeks, the functional food My Protein Bites who is behind the crumbly and tasty Cookie Bites, is dropping some sort of new product. By the sounds of things, the brand is coming out with another edible, protein snack, although we’re not sure if its something completely new or another flavor of Cookie Bites.

Based on how much My Protein Bites is hyping its upcoming release, we suspect we’re in for an entirely new product, which in the world of functional food, could truly be anything. Regardless of whatever the brand’s mystery item turns out to be, knowing how good its cookies taste, we have to imagine this will be just as delicious.

The official launch date My Protein Bites has secured for the reveal or release of its mysterious new product is Monday the 6th of January. As mentioned, we’re certainly excited to see what the item turns out to be, especially if it’s like Cookie Bites and far from your typical protein snack.