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Unique New York Punch flavor coming to Alpha EAA in the new year

new york punch alpha eaa

Early in the new year, Nutrabio will be releasing an all-new flavor of its focus infused amino supplement Alpha EAA. It was just less than one year ago the Stack3d Certified brand launched the product combining 8.2g of all nine EAAs with nootropics such as KSM-66 ashwagandha, alpha-GPC, and VitaCholine.

Currently, Nutrabio’s Alpha EAA can be found in four flavors with Cherry Limeade, Grape Berry Crush, Strawberry Lemon Bomb, and Dragon Fruit Candy. Due to make it five different options for the supplement in the coming weeks is New York Punch, which is a fruity combination of mango, kiwi, guava, and coconut.

Once again, Nutrabio plans on dropping its unique sounding New York Punch Alpha EAA in the new year, with typically being one of the first places stocking the brand’s new releases.

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