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Pandy drops an all-new chip snack and revamps its original candy

pandy protein candy

Pandy is the brand behind of our second favorite protein bar on the market which has just announced a few more reasons to like its lineup. Firstly, the Swedish snack company has relaunched its first-ever product, protein candy, with a new and improved recipe that no longer contains the sugar alcohol maltitol.

Update candy

With Pandy’s improved protein candy recipe, has also come a completely new nutrition profile. The product does not have as much protein as the original packing just 2.6 to 3.3g per 50g bag, whereas its predecessor had 16g in a 70g bag.

Pandy has also managed to drastically lower the carbohydrates of its gummy candy down to 13g per bag with only a gram of that being sugar and zero fat. The new and improved healthy snack is now available in two variants with either Sour Fish or Sweet Hearts, and will cost you €20 (22.19 USD) for a box of ten bags.

pandy lentil chips

Lentil chips

Alongside the relaunch of its candy, Pandy has introduced an entirely new health snack with Lentil Chips. As per its name, the product is indeed a chip style snack made with lentils. Each 40g bag comes with a light but reasonable 6g of protein, 21g of carbohydrates with just 1.5g of that sugar, 6.8g of fat, and a calorie count of 175.

Just like Pandy’s renewed candy, you can purchase its Lentil Chips starting this week from its online store. The price on the chips is slightly lower than the candy at €18 (19.97 USD) for a box of ten bags with Cheese & Onion, Dill & Chives, and Onion flavors to choose from.

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