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Parform drops an extra-strength CBD Gum with twice as much CBD

parform double strength cbd chewing gum

Throughout 2019, the golf sports nutrition brand Parform, introduced a variety of CBD products, including traditional dropper bottles, a topical, and chewing gum. This week Parform has launched another version of its rather unique CBD Gum that comes in the original’s Peppermint flavor and has a relatively significant difference.

The second CBD infused chewing gum product from Parform is essentially an extra-strength spin-off that comes with twice as much CBD per piece. Instead of getting 10mg of hemp-derived THC-free CBD isolate, each piece of the brand’s newest CBD Gum provides double that at 20mg with the same 1g of carbs and five calories.

Just like Parform’s 10mg CBD Gum, its twice as strong version has ten pieces per bag, although seeing as you get more CBD per piece, it is obviously more expensive. While you do get twice the CBD, the product’s cost is not double, with the brand’s website pricing the 20mg CBD Gum at $28.99 compared to the original’s $19.99.

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