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ISO Gold gets a fresh new look, more flavors and the super probiotic De111

pvl iso gold

The protein powder ISO Gold from the Canadian supplement company PVL, is one of the brand’s longest-running and top-selling products. To close out the year, PVL has unveiled an all-new version of ISO Gold that gives the protein powder a fresh and more premium look, as well as a handful of exciting new features.

The nutrition profile for PVL’s revamped ISO Gold is much the same as its predecessor with 27g of protein per serving, all from high-quality whey isolate. Like most isolate protein powders, the rest of the remaining ISO Gold macros are relatively lean with 2g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, 1g of fat, and 140 calories.

One of the key highlights of the all-new ISO Gold is that it is now infused with the branded and proven super probiotic De111, at a dose of one billion CFU. PVL has included the ingredient for immune system support, to improve nutrient absorption, and help with the digestion of ISO Gold and its 27g of protein.

When it comes to flavors and sizes, PVL’s updated ISO Gold does not fall short. The supplement is coming out in nine different flavors, some of which may sound familiar as they’ve been carried over from the previous version. There are however, a bunch of new options, including Cinnamon Toast, Banana Cream, and a stevia-sweetened Vanilla.

On the size side, the new ISO Gold is due to launch in three options with the usual 2lb and 5lb tubs. The third one is a value size weighing in at 6lbs, and is only going to be available through the major retailer Popeye’s. PVL’s new ISO Gold is expected to start hitting stores and stockists in Canada within the next few weeks.