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Rise Performance packs a hefty 10g of EAAs in its all-new amino EAA+

rise performance eaa

Rise Performance has introduced its first entirely new supplement in a number of months this week, with the essential amino acid formula EAA+. The product is relatively straightforward, featuring all nine EAAs, including, of course, the three all-important BCAAs, plus a few other ingredients to reinforce the “+” part of its name.

A single full-serving of Rise Performance’s all-new EAA+ packs a heavy 10g of all nine EAAs, with 6g of that belonging to the three BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio. As mentioned, there are a few extra features in the mix with the brand’s latest supplement, including a blend of B vitamins, and a gram each of citrulline malate and taurine.

rise performance eaa

Rise Performance has revealed and released EAA+ this week, with the full-spectrum EAA now available for purchase from A1 Supplements, and at a very good price. The regular cost of EAA+ from A1 is $39.99, however currently the retailer is running a buy one get one deal, which means you’ll only pay $20 each for two 30 serving tubs.

For those wondering about flavors, just like Rise Performance original amino BCAA+, EAA+ has a solid selection. The product has hit the market with three tastes to choose from in Blood, Sweat and Tears, Bombsicle, and Black Cherry Lemonade.