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Rule One is coming out with a stimulant infused muscle builder

rule one protein stim muscle builder

Launching sometime this coming week from Rule One Proteins is an all-new supplement that has had very few details shared about it. The product will come in powder form and feature a stimulant-based formula alongside a blend of muscle-building ingredients as well as electrolytes for hydration.

Based on those few pieces of information Rule One has provided, we’re guessing the new supplement is an energy-infused amino. The combination of ingredients for energy, electrolytes, and aminos for muscle building and recovery, is fairly common these days, so an energized amino is where our confidence is going.

Once again, Rule One will be unveiling its newest product later this week, with the availability expected to be close behind. We can also confirm that whatever the supplement is, it is going to launch in three different flavors, one of which is a current Rule One top seller, and the other two are completely new.

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