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Three new categories added for our annual Brand Of The Year Awards

stack3d brand of the year awards

In about one month from now, we’ll be running our annual Brand Of The Year Awards, although we are going to be doing things a bit differently this time around. In an effort to expand the awards in line with the growth of Stack3d itself, we’re introducing a few additional categories.

As we’ve done in the past, we will have our primary Brand Of The Year Award, where we pick five of the best supplement companies from 2019 and rank them 5th to 1st. We nominate brands that kept things consistent throughout the year with creative new flavors, exciting and effective new supplements, and fun promotions.

For 2019 we’re bringing in three new categories for our Stack3d Brand Of The Year Awards with International Brand Of The Year, Functional Brand Of The Year, and Best New Supplement Company.

The International award is for any brand outside of North America and based on the same points as our overall Brand Of The Year category. The Functional brand is once again based on the same points as our main award; however, it is exclusively for companies that are all about protein bars, healthy snacks, and other delicious protein treats.

The Newcomer category is for all of the new supplement companies that hit the market over the past year or so. That includes any brand that launched during 2019, as well as those that arrived in the last couple of months of 2018.

The five nominees for each of the four Stack3d Brand Of The Year Awards will be announced in the last week of December to ensure we factor in everything. The winners of each category will be revealed in the weeks to follow with the winner of our overall Brand Of The Year taking home our almost two feet tall champion’s cup.

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