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Gingerbread joins Viking Waffles’ lineup until December 17th

viking gingerbread protein waffles

This year for Black Friday, the unique functional food brand Viking Waffles, released limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Protein Waffles. The company has now followed up that Black Friday launch with another limited-edition flavor of its Protein Waffles that is only around for the holidays.

The all-new creation from Viking Waffles for its flagship product is a Christmas-themed Gingerbread flavor. It provides 21g of protein per waffle with 26g of carbohydrates, 5g each of sugar and fat, and 170 calories. As you can see, the waffle’s macros are quite lean, with around the same protein as a protein bar but with a lot fewer calories.

Fans of Viking Waffles can grab its limited-edition Gingerbread flavor starting today from the brand’s website in packs of 5 at $5.80 each; 15 at $5.46 each; and the most cost-effective option with 25 at $5 each. If you like the sound of the product, you’ll want to hurry, as Viking Waffles’ is only selling it until December 17th.