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Egg white powered product gives 1 Up fans a fourth protein to choose from

1 up nutrition egg white protein

1 Up Nutrition has put together a new type of protein powder for its many fans and followers this month with the obviously titled, ‘Egg White Protein’. Just as the supplement says in its name, the brand’s most recent, entirely new product is a dairy-free protein powder that gets all of its protein from egg white.

Each serving of 1 Up Nutrition’s Egg White Protein comes with a rarely seen, transparent dose of egg white powder at 31.25g, providing a total of 25g of protein. The rest of the supplement’s nutrition profile is impressively lean with zero fat, no sugar, and just 2g of carbohydrates, for a low total of 108 calories.

1 Up Nutrition’s egg white powered protein powder has hit the market with three flavors to choose from, each with 25 servings per tub. There are two traditional tastes in Chocolate and Vanilla, with the third being slightly more creative in Salted Caramel.

Like with all of its new releases, Egg White Protein is available first through 1 Up Nutrition’s online store alongside its other three proteins, which include two whey-based formulas and a vegan competitor. Egg White Protein is the same price as the brand’s whey isolate and vegan proteins at $54.99.