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4+ Nutrition takes a unique approach to calcium and iron supplementation

4 plus nutrition calicifer duo

Calcifer + Duo is the latest supplement from the long-running Italian brand 4+ Nutrition, who consistently put out some fairly interesting products throughout 2019. Its all-new Calcifer + Duo continues that trend with a supplement specifically designed for those that need to add extra calcium and iron to their diet.

4+ Nutrition’s newest release may sound quite straightforward, although that is far from the case. Calcifer + Duo comes with two different types of capsules in each box. There are the white capsules made with calcium and vitamin K and D, and the orange with iron, beta-carotene, folic acid, and vitamin C, D, and B12.

The reason 4+ Nutrition has split up those ingredients is to maximize the absorption of Calcifer + Duo’s two key ingredients, calcium and iron. To do this, the brand directs users to take the different formulas on alternating days, so one day you’ll have a single serving of the white capsules, then the orange on the next.

Those of you in Europe can purchase 4+ Nutrition’s Calcifer + Duo starting this week through the brand’s online store at a price of €25 (27.54 USD) per box.