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AML starts the new year with a natural anabolic powered by beta-ecdysterone

advanced molecular labs ecdysterone

The consistently expanding Advanced Molecular Labs, more simply referred to as AML, has dropped its first new supplement for 2020 with the muscle builder Ecdysterone. The product gets its name from its primary ingredient with cyanotis arachnoidea-derived beta-ecdysterone, dosed at half a gram per serving.

AML has also included vitamin D3 in its all-new Ecdysterone with the entire combination aiming to support muscle protein synthesis and help with lean muscle gains. The brand directs users to take the natural anabolic supplement immediately after their workout, and it can be stacked with other products from AML.

The best place to go to grab Ecdysterone is through the official Advanced Molecular Labs online store, where you can pick up a full 30 serving bottle for $39.99.