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Tub of unflavored glycerol joins Black Market’s simple Raw Series

black market glycerol 65

While the original underground brand Black Market, is mostly known for its complex pre-workouts, it does have other supplements on the market. The brand actually has a line of basic, essential type products called the Raw Series, including unflavored creatine, glutamine, citrulline, and beta-alanine powder.

This week Black Market has introduced a new supplement for its simple, single-ingredient Raw Series with Glycerol 65, which is a 200g tub of unflavored glycerol. The product’s name comes from its one and only ingredient and the percentage of actual glycerol you get from every gram of the supplement.

Fans of Black Market can grab its newest Raw Series release from its official online store. Glycerol 65 is the underground brand’s most expensive Raw product to date coming in at $29.99 for a full 200g tub.