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Last month the online retailer teased the return of a supplement that we suspected to be its original Platinum Series pre-workout, Scream. We can now confirm that is indeed the product is bringing back for the new decade but with a much more modern and up-to-date formula.

The online retailer is relaunching its pre-workout Scream next week, and it will be built for a complete and comprehensive experience. The supplement’s full combination of ingredients and dosages is not being revealed until it is available for purchase, although a handful of the ingredients have been named.’s upcoming Scream is going to include natural caffeine and TeaCrine for energy and focus, as well as BCAAs and beta-alanine for recovery and performance. Also in the mix is PeakATP and creatine for power and endurance, and to help out in the pump department, Nitrosigine and citrulline.

As mentioned,’s original pre-workout Scream is returning to the store next week in a tasty new flavor with Sour Apple Candy.