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Build Fast Formula introduces Eighty:20 featuring nature’s protein ratio

build fast formula eight 20

Build Fast Formula has finally unveiled its well-hyped third supplement Eighty:20, which has turned out to be a protein powder. In typical Build Fast Formula fashion, a lot of thought has gone into Eighty:20. The name of the product is as suspected, a reference to its ratio of protein sources being 80% casein and 20% whey.

Nature’s protein ratio

Build Fast Formula refers to Eighty:20’s split of 80% casein and 20% whey as “Nature’s Protein Ratio”. The brand also promotes that its protein powder stimulates muscle protein synthesis for six hours. That is due to Eighty:20’s fast-absorbing whey and slow absorbing casein, and it is a claim backed by research.

The combination of ingredients behind Build Fast Formula’s protein powder is extremely transparent, to the point where it lists the exact amount of sucralose.

Each serving of Build Fast Formula’s Eighty:20 provides 23g of protein with 80% of that from micellar casein and 20% whey, 3g of carbohydrates, just a gram each of fat and sugar, and 110 calories. As mentioned, the brand takes its transparency to the extreme further listing that it has a gram of natural and artificial flavors and 90mg of sucralose.

Launch details

Eighty:20 is due to hit the market with two traditional tastes to choose from in Chocolate Lava Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream, in the one 25 serving bag. Build Fast Formula plans on making the supplement available for purchase through its website precisely one week from today, along with an unmissable introductory deal.

Free sample

This Wednesday, Build Fast Formula is also going to be sending out a free sample offer to everyone signed up to its email group, the A-List. It’ll give you the chance to try the product before deciding whether to purchase it or not the following week, just make sure you’re signed up to the brand’s subscription list.