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EAAs and pump ingredients come together for Chaos Crew’s Pumping Aminos

chaos crew pumping aminos

The UK company Chaos Crew that has announced several new flavors of supplements over the past couple of months, has unveiled another product today, although it’s not a flavor. The latest reveal from the brand is an entirely new supplement named Pumping Aminos, which actually brings together ingredients for multiple benefits.

As you could probably gather from the name of Chaos Crew’s Pumping Aminos, it features a combination of aminos for recovery and pump enhancing ingredients. Each of the product’s 25 servings packs 8g of all nine EAAs, half a gram of coconut water, a gram of taurine, and for pumps, 300mg of VasoDrive-AP and 50mg of S7.

Chaos Crew is looking to launch its hybrid type supplement Pumping Aminos, within the next couple of weeks, which puts it out around the first half of February. It’ll be available in the brand’s local UK and European market first, with Pumping Aminos coming to Australia as well as South Africa not too long after.