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Promising newcomer Citizen Nutrition coming to market later this quarter

citizen nutrition

Citizen Nutrition is an all-new supplement company that is due to hit the market sometime in the first three months of the year. Very little is known about the brand, in fact, we know next to nothing. The few details that are available, however, are enough to get our curiosity and encouraged us to put together this post.

The bits of information we have on the upcoming Citizen Nutrition are that it will, of course, be a supplement brand, it intends to be available worldwide, and it is going to be hitting popular categories. All of those details are fairly obvious and vague, although none of those are what have us excited for Citizen.

The main reason we’ve got the brand in the headlines and feel it is one to be on the lookout for is because of the man behind it. James Boccuzzi is the person bringing Citizen Nutrition to life, who you may not know by name, but you will likely know the brands he’s helped put on the map with Myoblox, Black Magic, and Chemix.

Based on Boccuzzi’s track record, especially with Black Magic and Chemix, who are nominated for our Newcomer Of The Year Award, you can almost guarantee Citizen Nutrition is going to make some noise. We’ll be sharing any news that comes in from the brand, but until then, be sure to give it a follow on Instagram.

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