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Condemned Labz completely unveils Thyrogenic two days out from launch

condemned labz thyrogenic

This coming Monday, Condemned Labz is launching its second weight loss supplement, which separates itself from the brand’s other competitor Arsyn, by being stimulant-free. Thyrogenic is the name of the new fat burner from Condemned Labz, and despite it not containing any stimulants, it still promises quite the experience.

Condemned Labz has formulated Thyrogenic to support metabolism and thyroid function, as well as enhance thermogenesis and mood, and support weight loss. The product comes with 11 main ingredients to get the job done, including a reasonable 300mg of the multi-benefit ashwagandha and half a gram of the focus booster tyrosine.

condemned labz thyrogenic

Also included in Condemned Labz Thyrogenic is 200mg of the common fat burning ingredient olive leaf, guggul extract, 50mg of LeanGBB, and a handful of others. As mentioned, the brand plans on making Thyrogenic available for purchase in just two days from now in a 60 capsule bottle, providing the usual amount of 30 servings.

For anyone that is a fan of Condemned Labz original weight loss supplement Arsyn, you’ll be pleased to know you can stack it with Thyrogenic for even greater fat loss results. You can use the upcoming product close to your bedtime as well, as it is stimulant-free, so there is no need to worry about any late-night energy boost.