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Core confirms it’s coming out with a great tasting greens supplement

core nutritionals greens

Over the next few months, Core Nutritionals is going to be rebranding its entire line of supplements, which will involve new versions of some of its most popular products. Included in that list is a revamped take on the brand’s protein powder Core Pro as well as a new Core Fury that promises to be its most powerful pre-workout to date.

Core Nutritionals has now revealed one of the entirely new supplements that is coming with its highly-anticipated rebrand, in a greens product. Being that the supplement is coming from Core, you can almost guarantee it’ll feature a solid formula; however, its more interesting highlight is that it promises to be the best tasting greens on the market.

While we have heard several brands make that bold promise, very few have followed through, so it’ll be interesting to see how Core Nutritionals’ effort turns out. We can also confirm the brand is launching what we suspect to be called something like Core Greens, in two flavors, one will be berry based and the other chocolate.

Core Nutritionals is hoping to have Core Greens out and available in time for this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, which is now just over six weeks away.