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Evolve wins International Brand Of The Year with its well-crafted Clinical Series

evolve nutrition

The International Brand Of The Year Award, is a new category for our end of year awards for 2019. We look for all of the same details and highlights as we do for our Brand Of The Year Award, but exclude any company based in North America. We nominated five brands for the award coming from countries like Italy, Australia, and Brazil.

The winner of our first-ever International Brand Of The Year Award for 2019 is the South African company, Evolve Nutrition. While we only started following the brand from the second quarter of the year, it made a lot of noise with the introduction of its Clinical Series, in fact, that entire series is really the reason it beat out everyone else.

evolve nutrition

Evolve Nutrition’s Clinical Series is essentially a full line of supplements featuring loaded formulas. It started out with a stimulant pre-workout in Neuro-Drive, and a stimulant-free pre-workout called Neuro-Pump, which was formulated more for enhancing muscle pumps.

After Evolve Nutrition introduced Neuro-Drive and Neuro-Pump, it went on to launch another two Clinical Series products with the amino Neuro-EAA and the stimulant fat burner Neuro-Lean. Just like those other two, Neuro-EAA and Lean featured well-rounded formulas with some strong highlights to be extremely competitive in their respective categories.

As exciting and attractive as all of Evolve Nutrition’s Clinical Series supplements were in 2019, that wasn’t all it was about. The South African brand did drop a few other things in the year to keep its well-deserved momentum going, including new flavor options and products, as well as a completely new line with the BuiltLean Series.

evolve nutrition

The main thing we judge our Brand Of The Year Awards on is how well a company consistently releases new, exciting, and well put together products throughout the year. While there are other things we look for and take into account, the consistency of quality releases is the main one.

Basically, Evolve Nutrition did exactly what we look for with the launch of its four Clinical Series supplements that were dropped relatively evenly across the year. There were plenty of other international brands out there that were busy and made some noise, but none did it quite on the level of Evolve Nutrition.