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Fireball Labz reveals a flavored version of Incinerator is planned for March

fireball labz flavored incinerator

Last year around Christmas, the up and coming UK brand Fireball Labz introduced its first-ever weight loss product with the stimulant powered Incinerator. While that supplement is only a few weeks old, the brand has already decided it’s time to give it an alternate version by way of a flavored Incinerator.

Fireball Labz is not revealing too much about the product at the moment, only that as mentioned, it is a powder alternative to the capsule Incinerator. We have to imagine it will feature a similar combination of ingredients, including stimulants for energy, although specifics won’t be shared until we’re closer to launch.

The upcoming flavored Incinerator is not due to be out and available for another month and a half, which would put its launch somewhere around early March. It is going to have two tastes to choose; however, much like the formula behind the supplement, Fireball Labz is not revealing anything on that front just yet.