Ghost delivers another year of excitement, creative collabs and industry firsts

ghost runner up brand of the year

Of all of the supplement companies on the market right now, the original lifestyle brand Ghost, has been the most consistent ever since it stepped onto the scene in 2016. Year after year, the brand continues to find new flavors, products, and collaborations to excite fans and last year was no different, which is why it takes home our number two spot for Brand Of The Year in 2019.

On the side of new supplements, Ghost dropped just the one entirely new product for the year with its powerful and second-ever fat burner Ghost Burn. We were also treated to a reformulated version of Ghost Amino and another Christian Guzman collaboration with the Guzman V3 Ghost Legend featuring the beta-alanine optimizing ingredient CarnoPrime.

ghost runner up brand of the year

While Ghost’s new supplements were exciting, it was its mountain of new flavors that stole the show a lot of the time in 2019. The lifestyle brand dropped Pancake Batter and Banana Pancake Batter for its top tasting Ghost Vegan, a Lime Size, Pineapple Pump, Pina Colada Burn, Grapefruit Legend, and Coconut Ice Cream for its Protein Wars winner Ghost Whey.

You can’t forget the massive list of authentic flavor collaborations Ghost shocked the industry with as well, including another Sour Batch Legend and a second Warheads flavor for Size. The brand also teamed up with Welch’s for a grape Amino and Legend, Sonic for a Cherry Limeade Legend, and one of the biggest launches we had ever seen with Chips Ahoy Ghost Whey.

ghost runner up brand of the year

Ghost essentially continued to do what it usually does in 2019, and that is deliver great new supplements and never-before-seen flavors, all in fun and creative ways. The lifestyle brand did keep up its stylish line of clothing as well, and even started a monthly drop of limited edition collections. Moving into 2020 we look forward to more quality products, creative flavors, and no doubt things we haven’t seen before.

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