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ProBrands also teams up with Carolina Gynning for a collagen capsule product

glow like a pro collagen beauty boost

ProBrands in Sweden recently teamed up with the model and actress Carolina Gynning for an all-new functional energy beverage with Glow Like A Pro. The product puts a spin on your traditional energy drink by combining an energy-boosting 105mg of caffeine for energy with a reasonable amount of collagen at 5g per can.

Another product has now surfaced from the partnership of ProBrands and Carolina Gynning, which is a more traditional capsule supplement in ‘Collagen Beauty Boost’. To support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, ProBrands’ other Carolina Gynning collaboration comes with a gram of collagen, vitamin C, zinc, and bamboo extract.

Similar to Glow Like A Pro and its two flavors Lemonade and Passion & Mango, ProBrands Collagen Beauty Boost is now out and available in Sweden. You can find and purchase it from online retailers such as Proteinbolaget, who has it priced at just 199 kr (20.65 USD) for a 60 capsule bottle, which will supply you for 30 days.