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Grandma Linda’s French Toast is coming to Bowmar’s dairy-free protein

grandmas lindas french toast dairy free protein

Last year, Bowmar Nutrition launched a unique flavor of its whey powered protein powder, although its uniqueness wasn’t entirely because of what it tasted like. The product was Grandma Linda’s Famous French Toast, which is indeed a protein flavor based on a French Toast recipe from Josh Bowmar’s Grandma Linda.

For 2020, Bowmar Nutrition is expanding that flavor into its dairy-free protein powder, which is made with egg white instead of whey, like the majority of the brand’s other protein offerings. Currently, Bowmar’s dairy-free protein is only available in the one Salted Caramel flavor, so Grandma Linda’s French Toast will be an appreciated addition.

As per usual, the organized Bowmar Nutrition has confirmed the day Grandma Linda’s French Toast flavor will be launching for its dairy-free protein, and it’s just over one week away. The product is going to be available through the brand’s website at the end of next week on Friday at $44.99 for a 27 serving tub.