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Insane Labz creates an on-the-go funnel in the shape of 6ix the Clown’s head

insane labz clown funnels

Insane Labz is known to put together some unique accessories, a lot of which are centered around its mascot of sorts in 6ix the Clown. This week the brand has dropped another one of those unique items with a convenient, on-the-go funnel that you can use to store and pour your powder supplements when you’re out and about.

While a funnel isn’t anything new, what makes Insane Labz take on the product so different is that it comes in the shape of 6ix the Clown’s head. The item features a wide opening at the top to throw your powder in easily, then at the bottom of 6ix’s neck there is another opening to pour out the powder into a shaker or slim-top bottle.

The 6ix The Clown funnel is now in stock and available for purchase from the Insane Labz online store, at $9.95 each.

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