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Unique Jackfruit flavor revealed for the performance drink Celsius Heat

jackfruit celsius heat

The newest beverage from Celsius in the US has been unveiled, and it is another flavor of its performance and thermogenic drink, Celsius Heat. As we already figured out based on previous teasers, the brand’s newest member of the Heat family features a slightly different color combination with a white top and yellow base.

As for the name of the Celsius Heat flavor, it is quite a unique effort, much like the product’s handful of other options with the sweet fruity recipe, Jackfruit. It is not a flavor we recall ever seeing before for a supplement or beverage, and as far as we know, it will feature the usual Heat formula, including 2g of citrulline and 300mg of caffeine.

While the Jackfruit Celsius Heat is not available just yet, the brand has said fans and followers can look forward to being able to purchase the product very soon.

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