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JNX Sports previously known as Cobra Labs, reveals its creative skull shaker

jnx sports the curse shaker

Over the years we’ve seen a number of uniquely shaped supplement shakers from the accessory loaded US Shaker to the weapon-themed Battle Shakers. JNX Sports, previously known as Cobra Labs, has now unveiled its very different shaker design with an eyecatching skull-shaped bottle.

You can get a good look at the creative product in the image above, which is black in color, and based on pictures, also appears to have beady red eyes. The upcoming JNX Sports shaker actually gets its shape from the label design of its first-ever supplement, the stimulant pre-workout The Curse.

The unique skull shaker landed with JNX Sports about one week ago, and is shipping to distributors in the US as well as several other countries over the next couple of weeks.

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