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Laperva releases a natural fruit infused multivitamin at Dr. Nutrition

laperva multi vita fruit

The brand Laperva, from the major UAE supplement retailer Dr. Nutrition, has added a new product to its growing lineup with Multi Vita Fruit. The latest effort from the brand is a vitamin and mineral supplement infused with natural fruits; however, it does not come in the usual pill form or tubs of powder.

Laperva’s Multi Vita Fruit is a multivitamin and fruit product that has packaged each of its 30 servings per box into convenient, on-the-go, stick packs. The supplement has all of the usual vitamins and minerals for health and wellbeing as well as prebiotic fiber and ten fruits, including orange, kiwi, and pomegranate.

Multi Vita Fruit is available in just the one flavor at the moment with the fruity cocktail, Fruit Punch Smoothie. As mentioned, the hybrid multivitamin and natural fruits formula comes with 30 single-serving stick packs per box, and through Dr. Nutrition’s online store, it’ll cost 239 AED (65.07 USD).

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