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Regular Pulse flavor gets copied over to Legion’s stim-free pre-workout menu

legion green apple caffeine free pulse

The team over at Legion has added an all-new flavor to its pre-workout Pulse; however, it is not for the main stimulant version, but the caffeine-free alternative. The brand’s stimulant-free Pulse doesn’t have anywhere near as many options as the original, but thanks to this week’s release, it is one flavor closer.

Legion’s new addition to the caffeine-free Pulse is an option fans may already be familiar with if they’ve ever taken a look at the regular Pulse. Now available for the pre-workout is Green Apple, which like the few other stimulant-free flavors, comes with all of the same ingredients as the original minus caffeine and theanine.

Usually, both versions of Legion’s Pulse cost the same at $40 for a full-size tub, each packing 21 maximum servings. To go with the arrival of the Green Apple flavor of the caffeine-free Pulse, the brand is running a sale where you can save just a few dollars on the product, although a saving nonetheless, at $36.99 each.