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Max Protein releases an Oatmeal 1.5k made up of American snack flavors

max protein american snacks oatmeal variety pack

Just as we recently saw it do for Christmas, the Spanish functional brand Max Protein has put together another variety pack of its signature oatmeal product. The brand’s latest Oatmeal 1.5k, which is the overarching name it gives to its many different oatmeal variety packs, is an American snacks-inspired collection.

As per usual, Max Protein’s newest Oatmeal 1.5k comes with five flavors per bag, with one 300g smaller bag of each oatmeal flavor. The variety set’s five flavors are the strawberry and cream donut-themed Pink Cake, White Big Choc, the chocolate wafer Big Crac, chocolate and caramel Biggers, and the chocolate and coconut Boom Big.

You can already grab Max Protein’s America Snacks Oatmeal 1.5k through its online store at €13.18 (14.61 USD) for an entire 1.5kg bag, which as mentioned, is made up of five 300g bags, each in a different flavor.