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Three-month-old Miami Cola flavor coming to Bang’s Caffeine-Free menu

miami cola caffeine free bang

Bang Energy has announced that it’s bringing over one of the many new flavors it launched for its energy drink this year, to the caffeine-free version of its popular beverage. The option the brand is adding to its decaffeinated Bang, which will take its menu up to a total of six, is the cola-themed creation Miami Cola.

The caffeine-free Bang comes with all of the same ingredients as the regular energy drink, minus of course, the caffeine. It still includes BCAAs, Super Creatine, and coQ10, with zero sugar and zero calories. The colors of the product are slightly different from the regular Miami Cola with a mostly green design instead of white.

We’re not sure when the Miami Cola Caffeine-Free Bang is going to be available for purchase, although typically, the energy drink’s new releases are in stock first on its website

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